Vehicle Manager 2008 Fleet Edition

Vehicle Manager 2008 Fleet Edition 2.0

An application to administrate maintenance services and costs of vehicle fleets

Vehicle Manager 2008 Fleet Edition is an application to keep track of costs, fuel consumption and maintenance activities for vehicles in a car fleet. Unlike the network version, this edition is usable only in one computer station at a time and supports one user.

It has a very simple interface with a tool bar at the top of the window which has one button for each main section of the program. These sections are: Vehicles, Services, Parts, Personnel, Vendors, Options, Reports, and Help.
In the vehicles section you can create a database including all the vehicles in a fleet, including some general information. In Service you will create a database of maintenance tasks to be made to the vehicles, including the type of task (inspection, repair and maintenance) and its frequency, both in mileage and time. In Parts you will create a database of spare parts to be used in services including information about suppliers, prices, and else. Vendors contains information related to them, mainly contact information. Options allows users to change the units of measure to be used for currency, volume and efficiency. In Reports you will find a list and shortcuts to the reports produced by the system.

Some of the weaknesses of the program are as follows: first, it won’t allow creating new reports beyond the pre-existing reports; second, it doesn’t associate parts to service items automatically, so each time you do a routine service you will have to associate the parts again; third, the report creation is rather slow and doesn’t create graphics.

On the other hand, Vehicle Manager has the advantage of being extremely easy to use, thus decreasing implementation costs and lowering learning curves. Its price is also lower than other “more complex” tools on the market.

Lionel Mira
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  • It has a simple interface
  • It allows creating groups of services items to expedite the assignment process
  • It creates schedules for services both in miles and dates


  • It's available in English only
  • It won't allow users to create additional reports
  • It doesn't assign parts from the catalog to service items
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